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Where Is a GPS Tracking Device Installed on a Car? Why?

GPS Tracker Installation

The short answer to this question is that GPS trackers may be installed almost anywhere a device can be hidden, depending on the style and intent of the tracker. The following are just a few places where a GPS tracker might be installed:

  • • Behind the dashboard
  • • In the OBD port
  • • In the wheel wells
  • • On the undercarriage
  • • Behind the bumpers
  • • Under the hood
  • • Under the seats
  • • In the spare tire compartment
  • • In the glove compartment

There are a number of reasons an individual or company might want to install a GPS tracker on a car, and it's not necessarily for the reasons you see on TV crime shows. Many businesses have branded vehicles or “company cars” for purposes such as product delivery or transportation to job sites. Installing a GPS tracker on such cars helps businesses keep track of vehicle usage and ensure that employees are using assets efficiently.

Install a GPS Tracker
Our GPS Tracking Devices

US Fleet Tracking's GPS devices are designed to be easily installed without sacrificing on function and durability. Our hardwired devices are typically installed inside the dash using three simple wires to connect to the vehicle's system. We also offer small wireless devices that plug directly into the car's OBD port for fast, one-step installation. Placement in the front interior of the vehicle also protects the system from unnecessary environmental damage.

Once your device is plugged in, you can sign into the web-based tracking interface from any internet-connected device in the world without any proprietary software installation. Even with multiple vehicles, your entire tracking operation can be up and running in a single business day.

Other GPS Tracking Devices

Other companies' tracking devices may be installed in various locations on the car. Different trackers may be placed on or beneath the dash, on the rear shelf of the vehicle, inside or under the car seats, under the vehicle, or in some other location that does not interfere with other vehicle electronics.

Many of our competitors' devices have a variety of wires that will need to be connected, and certain placements may require you to get under the vehicle, open up seat seams, secure the device to the vehicle frame, etc. Other devices may also require the installation of proprietary tracking software. With multiple cars, the process of installing and synchronizing devices with this software could take some time.

US Fleet Tracking Devices Offer Simple Installation and Reliable, Real-Time Data

As you've likely already concluded, US Fleet Tracking devices are simply easier and faster to install than other GPS trackers on the market. With the option to quickly snap a tracker into a car's OBD port and monitor its location activity from a web-based application, we give you the power to implement a tracking program and start analyzing vehicle use in a very short amount of time.

If you're thinking about getting into fleet tracking to keep an eye on your company's vehicle assets, it's time to invest in a system that's both easy to install and easy to use. Call us today at (405) 726-9900 to talk to one of our GPS device experts about your company's vehicle tracking needs.