GPS Tracking Service Pricing

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Cellular GPS Trackers.
GPS tracking battery icon Service for battery-powered trackers is $10 more a month, per tracker

All US Fleet Tracking's GPS trackers require a communications service plan that allows the device to communicate with our network and provide you with live, accurate location data in order to know instantly when your vehicles and/or assets are on the move, to run reports on mileage, to view hours of operation, and to be alerted on geofence access to name a few robust features the US Fleet Tracking system provides. Each device is shipped activated on our cellular or satellite networks.

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Satellite Tracker Pricing

Satellite trackers are Ideal for vehicle or assets in remote locations with limited cellular connectivity. Great for stationary assets for very long periods of time, but you need to know should it ever move. Available on the CloudSat5 and the CloudSat3.

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There are no contracts to sign. You pay by the month for what you need when you need it. Need to suspend service for a month or two? Call us and we'll help you achieve what you need with our live GPS tracking service. Activation fees may apply.
Agreement options are available for qualifying accounts. Contact our sales team to inquire about our contract offers as well as volume pricing.