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The US Fleet Tracking And Route4Me Partnership Puts Route Planning On Auto-Pilot So You Can Grow Your Business
For every business whose employees are on the go

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Live GPS Tracking

Many companies offer tracking solutions that use dots on a map to show you where assets, people, and vehicles were at some point in time.

But unless you’ve memorized the routes your assets should have been traveling on in the first place, all those dots aren’t really that helpful when it comes to monitoring your business.

live gps tracking for Route4Me

Route4Me shows you more than just dots. By capturing locations from your US Fleet Tracking GPS tracker, Route4Me software allows you to track your drivers live. Also, when you’re looking at driver progress on Route4Me's mobile app, the refresh times are as low as 5 seconds*. You’ll always know exactly where your drivers are.

Route4Me’s mobile app is connected to your Route4Me company account, so the travel and arrival times of your assets are automatically reflected in your route manifest. This provides you and your customers with Dynamic Route ETAs and Dynamic Route Manifests.

Plan Optimized Routes & Schedules in Only 3 Steps

Just type, copy-and-paste, or upload your list of customers or addresses that you need to visit. Hit plan route, see the optimized route on your computer, get it on your mobile device right away, and travel it.

Route4Me work flow illustration

Team Route Optimization & Fleet Route Optimization

Upload large files having hundreds or thousands of orders, one or many depots, with support for dozens of regions, hundreds or thousands of drivers. Optimized routes are created and distributed to field personnel, and they can be tracked in real-time. From a single dashboard, you can track the team, move customers from one route to another, monitor your entire fleet, and much more.

Route4Me team work flow illustration
Route4Me route mapping features

Map & Visit Your Customers

Map, search, and categorize your customers & prospects. If you're a new business, you can enter customer information every time you close a new account. And, if you're already established - you can upload thousands of customers at one time. As business continues to grow, you can setup sales and delivery territories.

Once addresses are loaded, just select the ones you want to visit, or easily plan a new route by drawing a region around customers that need to be visited. You can even specify the exact time at which a customer should be visited.

See All Your Optimized Routes

If you have multiple routes and drivers, Route4Me provides an overview of your entire operation. Re-assign drivers and vehicles, move an address from one route to another, and track route progress in real-time.

In addition to fleet routing optimization capabilities, your Route4Me account is connected to the Route4Me Mobile Apps, so that drivers and customers immediately get notified of changes you make, and you see every address, order, note, picture, video, and modification they make inside your account.

Route4Me route optimization features
Route4Me software features

Track Route Progress, Take Pictures, Add Videos, Notes, and More

Route4Me is the only route optimization software on the planet which has iPhone, iPad, and Android applications permitting you to attach notes and media to any stop on your route.

You and your drivers, users, customers, or employees can mark each location as visited, departed, have sign-on-glass eSignatures, and you can see all notes, media, and track all progress from everyone in your company instantly within your Route4Me account. Arrival and departure times in the route manifest update as soon as a check-in or check-out happens.

Serve clients faster with live tracking and sophisticated route planning. Call US Fleet Tracking now to get started. 405-726-9900